• Victoria Interessengemeinschaft
  • Victoria Interessengemeinschaft
  • Victoria Interessengemeinschaft
  • Victoria Interessengemeinschaft
  • Victoria Interessengemeinschaft
  • Victoria Interessengemeinschaft

Articles of Association of the Victoria Interest Group

§1 Name, Domicile and Corporate Year

The community founded in 1988 has the name "Victoria Interessengemeinschaft" (= Victoria Interest Group), in the following called <Victoria IG<. It is party politically independent and non-denominational. All the cost are covered by the membership fees. It has no commercial objectives. Corporate year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose and Objectives


The Victoria IG is a community of people with the target of preserving and maintaining Victoria vehicles as techical objects of cultural value as well as papers and records documenting the history of the Victoria Werke AG Nuremberg (Germany), from the founding year 1886 (Legal company name: Frankenburger & Ottenstein) until the merge in the Zweirad Union AG in 1958.


Holding an international annual meeting. The host of this meeting may on demand be supported financially by the Victoria IG. The amount will be set in the Executive Board meeting during the annual meeting.


Issueing the Victoria Info Magazine.


Support and advisory service of our members when restoring historic vehicles by our Type Specialists.


Establishing and running an Internet Portal.


Re-manufacturing of spare parts.


Encouragement  and joint work with international institutions and museums.

§ 3 Charitable Status


The Victoria IG has solely and and directly non-profit objectives.


The Victoria IG acts in an altruistic way.


Financial meany of the Victoria IG may only be used for statutable purposes. Members are not supported by finacial means of the Victoria IG.


No person may be supported by finacial means that different from the objectives of the Victoria IG.

§ 4 Membership

Membership is open to all respectable persons and legal entities, government agencies, companies and organizations (minors under 18 require the consent of a legal representative), after approval by the Board, who support the objectives of the Victoria IG (see § 2.1 of the Statute). All adult members are eligible for any office within the Victoria IG. The Victoria IG is made up of members and honorary members.

§ 5 Honorary Memberhip

By unanimous decision of the board, persons who have rendered outstanding services to the Victoria-IG will be appointed as honorary members. Honorary members are exempt from payment of membership fees..

§ 6 Membership Fee

The members of the Victoria IG are obliged to pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee is set by the board meeting and published in the Victoria Info Magazine as the official organ of the Victoria IG. The annual membership fee is to be paid in full at the beginning of the calendar year, irrespective of the actual starting date. If the membership starts in the second half of the year, only half of the membership fee needs to be paid.

§ 7 End of Membership

Membership ends:


The notice of resignation must be provided to the board in writing. It is effective by end of the calendar year with a thee-months time of notice.


For individuals by their death, for legal entities by their closure or cancellation.


By exclusion from the Victoria-IG:


By a majority vote of all present board members in a duly summoned board meeting. The exclusion can only be made by major reason. The member concerned by the exclusion process shall have the opportunity to make representations on the accusation in written form. The right to make representations shall be deemed granted if the representation is not received by the board within a two weeks period after the annoncement of the exclusion proceedings.


The membership ends with immediate effect if the membership fee due at the beginning of the year is not paid despite a reminder with fixing of a period of time.

§ 8 Member Assembly

Member assemblies shall be held upon written request of at least a quarter of the members, or if the board (see § 9) states it neccessary on behalf ot the Victoria-IG and gives reasons. The member assembly always constitutes a quorum. Changes to the Articles of Association or the termination of the Victoria-IG require a 3/4 majority of the members present at the members assembly. Minutes have to be kept over the course of the member assembly. These minutes have to be signed by the executive board (see § 9).

The agenda of the member assembly must contain the following points:
a. Taking attendance and voting rights
b. Report of the board
c. Report of the treasurer
d. Discharge of the board
e. Requests and miscellaneous

In the member assembly, each present member has one vote, including honorary members. The right to vote can be transferred to a present member by written permission, in doing so a present member must not vote for more than two other members. Simple majority decides.

§ 9 Board

The executive board consist of:

a. 1. Chairman

b. 2. Chairman

c. Treasurer

d. Webmaster

The extended board consists of:

a. the executive board

b. Membership manager

c. Type specialists

d. IG contacts in the countries


The Victoria-IG is represented by two members of the executive board conjointly.


The board members are - each in particular - elected for a period of four years provided that this is to be continued until new elections.


If no member meeting is called (see § 8), board members may also be elected for a period of four years during a board by simple majority.

§ 10 Board Meeting

The board meeting consists of the executive board and the extended board. It is held annually during the Victoria meeting. All board members shall be invited by publishing in the meeting programme in the info magazine.  Requests from members need to be filed to the board in writing 14 days (date of the postmark) ahead of the board meeting. The board meeting shall constitute a quorum by simple majority. Vote abstentions are not counted. At equality of votes the request is rejected. Minutes have to be kept over the course of the board assembly.

§ 11 Administrative tasks

Task in the board are honorary work.

§ 12 Auditors

For a cash audit two auditors may be elected. They have to audit cash and accounting and report to the member assembly. Auditors must not be members of the board.

§ 13 Termination

The Victoria-IG may only be terminated on a member assembly called particularly for this reason by 3/4 majority. Remaining property - after meeting obligations - is to be delivered to the Motorcycle Museum in the 'Museum Industriekultur', Nuremberg by conjointly decision.

The above Articles of Association were decided and joinlty redefined at the board meeting in Miehlen on July 29th, 2005.

Heide, 20.12.2005

Kay Rauen, 1. Chairman

Manfred E. Sprenger, 2. Chairman

Roland Beckedorf, Treasurer

Changes according to the Board Meeting in Stockach/Seelfingen, August 2, 2013

Lieth, October 25, 2013

Edgar Köhnke, 1. Chairman

Manfred E. Sprenger, 2. Chairman

Johannes Koch, Treasurer

Peter Keller, Webmaster